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Twin Avatar of Lord Vishnu (Nara-Narayan)


Nara and Narayana were twin brothers born to Bharma and his wife, Murti. They have two more sons Hari and Krishna. Nar and Narayan were interested in practising warfare. They also started doing meditation continuously and wholeheartedly, which led an atmosphere of fear among gods in heaven, especially the king …

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Diamonds as per Indian Mythology


Hi Viewers, Since ancient times India was known for its wealth and attracted traders across the globe. Ancient India was the wealthiest country in the world. Due to its riches, it has always been vulnerable to invasion. The enormous treasure since the last thousand years was found in India which …

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Barbarik The Greatest Warrior

barbarik the greatest warrior

Let’s talk about Mahabharata and the greatest warrior from it. Many great warriors participated in the epic war the list is never-ending, but the greatest one was Barbarik. Who is Barbarik?? He is the grandson of Bhima and son of Ghatadkoch. For us, the greatest warrior was him Barbarik without …

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