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Barbarik The Greatest Warrior

Let’s talk about Mahabharata and the greatest warrior from it.

Many great warriors participated in the epic war the list is never-ending, but the greatest one was Barbarik.

Barbarik Greatest Warrior
Barbaric Greatest Warrior

Who is Barbarik??

He is the grandson of Bhima and son of Ghatadkoch.

For us, the greatest warrior was him Barbarik without even participating in the war he was the greatest.

He learned warfare from his mother and promised he would fight from the weaker side.

He used to carry one bow gifted to him by lord Agni and three arrows in his quiver.

The immense talent he had he could win any battle with just three arrows, making him invincible.

Lord Krishna came to know about his prowess and was aware that if he joins Kauravas, then that could be disastrous. He disguised himself as a brahmin and met Barbarik and asked him how many days he can finish the Mahabharata Barbarik replied 1 minute. Krishna asked how

“I can mark things that I can destroy with first arrow.

I can mark things that I want to protect with second arrow.

I can destroy the things that I marked with my third arrow.”

He demonstrated his prowess to Lord Krishna by marking leaves of a tree that he wanted to destroy. He launched his first arrow to mark all the leaves of a tree. The arrow started swirling around Krishna’s leg. Lord asked why it’s swirling around his leg. Barbarik replied: “There must be leaf beneath your leg.” Hearing that Krishna was stunned as he deliberately hid a leaf beneath his leg.”

Krishna tricked him into believing that if he participates in the war, the vow given to her mother by him will be defied. So he has to be neutral and asked for his head.
Barbarik willing gave his head to Lord but requested he needs to witness the war so his head was kept on top of a mountain so that he can watch the Mahabharata.

At the end of the war, everyone was arguing who was the greatest warrior in the battle, so Krishna told we need to ask Barbarik who witnessed the entire war.

Barbarik replied, “The greatest of the greatest warrior who participated in war was Lord almighty Krishna.”

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