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Navratri – Festival of Goddess Durga


Navratri – Overview During Navratri, human beings normally keep away from ingesting meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, onions, garlic, grains, lentils, and legumes (beans) due to the fact of the “tamasic” energies current in these foods. Besides, these meals objects act as a barrier to radiating electricity in any form. Further, …

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Lakshman from Ramayana: An Overview

lakshman vs Meghnath

Lakshman is a necessary persona of epic Ramayana. He is inseparable from Lord Rama, who is brother to him and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His personality is well-known due to him being the brother of Lord Rama, however, there are some records which make him a vital mythological character. …

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Twin Avatar of Lord Vishnu (Nara-Narayan)


Nara and Narayana were twin brothers born to Bharma and his wife, Murti. They have two more sons Hari and Krishna. Nar and Narayan were interested in practising warfare. They also started doing meditation continuously and wholeheartedly, which led an atmosphere of fear among gods in heaven, especially the king …

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Why Lord Ganesha is considered as the prime God?

As per Hinduism, it’s considered auspicious to worship Lord Ganesha before starting any new activity as he is regarded as “Vidhanharta” Lord who removes obstacles. He is considered to be a representation of wisdom and happiness. “Shree Ganeshaya Namaha” is chanted before starting an activity, and the following mantra/prayer is …

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