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Cure for asthma as per indian manuscript bhramamuni sutram


More than 300 million people are affected by asthma across the world as per World Health Organisation Survey 2005. Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases among children. It was predicted in 2005 that the asthma death rate might increase by 20% every decade. The different factors which cause asthma are indoor allergens like dust from the bed, carpet, stuffed furniture and outdoor allergens like pollens, moulds etc. The world is being polluted at an alarming rate and high cost of medication. It’s become a necessity for us to know some natural remedies which can help us in preventing asthma. We will now look at the solutions mentioned in the ancient manuscript “Bhramamuni Sutram”.



  1. Chitharathai – Alpinia galangal -Thai ginger or Finger root.
  2. Athimadhuram – Glycyrrhiza Glabra – Liquorice in English.
  3. Parangipattai – China Root
  4. Jadipatri – Mace
  5. Sirutheku -Clerodendrum infortunatum
  6. Talisapatri – Abies Webbiana
  7. Akarkaram – Anacyclus pyrethrum
  8. Kostam – Zingiberaceae
  9. Thipili – Piper longum
  10. Perarathai – Alpinia Galangal
  11. Vaal melagu – Cubeb
  12. Sauf – Fennel seeds
  13. Cloves
  14. Black Pepper
  15. Cumin seeds
  16. Agasha Tamarai – Water cabbage/Water lettuce juice – 100 ml
  17. Musumukai – Cucumis Maderaspatanus  juice -100 ml
  18. Ginger juice – 100 ml
  19. Honey -100 ml
  20. Brown Sugar – 700 grams
  21. Cow Ghee– 140 grams


Take 35 grams of each dry 1-15 ingredient and grind it to a fine powder.

Mix all the juices with honey and brown sugar and heat the mixture till it becomes the consistency of honey. Add the powder prepared earlier and cows butter/ghee to this mixture and mix well. Store this mixture in an airtight glass jar.


Take a teaspoon of this mixture twice a day for 48 days to completely cure asthma.


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