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Diamonds as per Indian Mythology

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Since ancient times India was known for its wealth and attracted traders across the globe. Ancient India was the wealthiest country in the world. Due to its riches, it has always been vulnerable to invasion. The enormous treasure since the last thousand years was found in India which contained 1150 Kgs of gold and 230 kgs of precious stones and amongst them was the famous Kohinoor diamond. Its the wealth of India which attracted the Arabs, British and Portuguese.

Various references can be found in Vedas, which gives a description of multiple gemstones its location and qualities. In this post, we will look at one such gemstone – diamond. Although the story is mythological, the site mentioned in the Puranas can be found even today.

There was a demon called Balasur who gained immense power by doing various rituals and sacrifices. He conquered lord Indra and other God, and they were not able to reconquer him.

Under a pretext of choosing a boon, the god requested Bala to be the animal at sacrifice, and he conceded their request Though very powerful, he was killed as a sacrificial animal.

Since his pledged words bound him, he was tied to the sacrificial column. For the benefit of the world and for doing good unto the gods, his limbs became the seed of gems. This was due to his good deeds as he was pure with Sattvika virtues.

A great struggle took place among gods, yakshas, Siddhas and serpents over the seeds of gems. When they were speeding in their Arial chariots, some stones feel in oceans, mountains lakes and rivers. Some gemstones had acquired influence of demons, serpents, poison and others were devoid of such quality.

The following were the different kinds of gems.

  • Vajra (diamond)
  • Mukta (Pearl)
  • Mani (gems)
  • Padmaraga (ruby)
  • Marakada (emerald)
  • Indranil (sapphire)
  • Vaidurya (Lapis Lazuli)
  • Pushparaga (Topaz)
  • Rudira (Blood Red Stone)
  • Sphatika (crystal) and
  • Vidruma (coral)

Lord Indira acquired diamond using his thunderbolt while doing this; some particles fell into different parts on the earth.

Diamonds are found in eight different places They are:-

  1. Himalayas – copper
  2. Matanga territory – light yellow
  3. Saurashtra – light copper
  4. Poundra – dark blue
  5. Kalinga – golden
  6. Kosala – deep yellow
  7. Sauvira – blue lotus and cloudy and
  8. The bank of the river Venva – lustres of the moon

Colours of diamonds and their deities

  • Green diamond – Lord Vishnu
  • White diamond – Varuna (rain god)
  • Yellow diamond – Indra
  • Brown diamond – Agni (fire god)
  • Blue diamond – Yama

Diamond as per caste

  • Bhraman – White
  • Kshatriya – Brown
  • Vaisnava – Green
  • Sudra – Copper
  • Two coloured diamond can be worn by the king and its forbidden for others. King is liberal to wear any diamond as he pleases

Mythological Belief –

  • He who wears appropriate diamonds is freed from fears arising from all sort of serpents, fire, poison, tigers, thieves and enemies cause no harm to him.
  • If a woman desires a son, she shall avoid diamonds
  • A diamond scattering different lights of a spectrum like rainbow may bless the wearer with wealth, food grains and good children
  • The king wearing a dazzling diamond, will conquer the world.

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