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Uda Devi – the Dalit leader in 1857 mutiny


Uda Devi – the Dalit leader in 1857 mutiny When we speak about women’s roles in 1857, we without delay suppose of Rani Lakshmibai and Begum Hazrat Mahal. But have been these the solely ladies who contributed to the struggle? There have been many from the non-dominant castes that have …

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Baba Kashi Ram


Baba Kashi Ram Baba Kanshi Ram (11 July 1882 – 15 October 1943) was once an Indian poet and activist for independence born in the Indian nation of Himachal Pradesh. At the age of seven, he married Sarasvati Devi who, at that time, was once simply 5 years old. He …

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