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Barbarik The Greatest Warrior

barbarik the greatest warrior

Let’s talk about Mahabharata and the greatest warrior from it. Many great warriors participated in the epic war the list is never-ending, but the greatest one was Barbarik. Who is Barbarik?? He is the grandson of Bhima and son of Ghatadkoch. For us, the greatest warrior was him Barbarik without …

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Inspirational Story of Eklavya and his reverence towards his teacher

Eklavya and Dhronacharya

Since ancient times teachers have played an essential role in India. India believes in the principle “There will be no knowledge without teachers”.  Knowledge in any form whether its education, life lessons or preaching cant be acquired without teachers. Various quotes are highlighting the importance of teachers in Indian Society. …

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Why we offer grass (durva) and Modak to Lord Ganesha?

Lord Ganesha is pleased when we offer durva (Bermuda grass) with 3 to 4 leaves in it to him and may fulfil our wishes. There is an old mythological story linked to this tradition. There was a time when the world was terrified by the deed of a demon called …

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