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Cure for asthma as per indian manuscript bhramamuni sutram

Asthma More than 300 million people are affected by asthma across the world as per World Health Organisation Survey 2005. Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases among children. It was predicted in 2005 that the asthma death rate might increase by 20% every decade. The different factors …

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Introduction to Varma Kalai (An ancient indian art)

Hi readers, Most of us might have seen fights in movies where average people knock down large opponents with a single blow to a vital point. The art which these people use is called Varma Kalai. Much martial art has evolved from Varma Kalai like Jiu-Jitsu, kung fu, muay Thai. …

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Oldest University in the World-Takshasila

Taxila University

Credit:– Universities in Ancient India – D.G. Apte Takshasila came to be known as a famous centre of higher education because several learned teachers who were recognised as authorities on vari­ous subjects resided at the place. Administration There was nothing by way of coordination of the work done by teachers, …

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