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Pearl as per ratna pariksha from smrtisarodara

Since ancient times pearl have been considered as a symbol of beauty and purity.  Pearls come in different shapes and sizes and form an integral part of traditional jewelry.

Creation of pearl

Like other gemstones, the pearl is not obtained from earth. It is formed inside living organisms naturally if conditions are favorable. Many of you might know that pearls come from oysters but apart from oyster pearls are also formed inside other organisms. Pearl is formed inside the skull of an Elephant, Snake, Wild Boar, and Fish. Pearls can be found inside bamboo, the body of the oyster, and seashell.

The pearls found in clouds are oval and are extremely rare. Pearls formed inside clouds are oval and are extremely rare to find on earth. They are extremely shiny and contains auspicious quality.

Pearls that are found inside Elephant and snakes can only be acquired by a person who has done penance. Pearls found in elephants are found in Cambodia and they are round in shape like a gooseberry. They are pale in colour and are not reflective.

Pearls found inside the head of a snake also called as (Nagmani) are round in shape and are blue. they glitter like diamonds. The snake belonging to Vasuki family acquire the quality of generating pearls inside their head.

Pearls found in wild boar are round in shape and are pale yellow and are extremely rare.

Pearls found in the Thimi fish are like grains of pepper and are light blue in colour and lightweight.

Pearls found in Bamboo are white like the moon and their shape is similar to the seeds of the Ashoka tree. It is extremely rare and can be found by people who are blessed. Once this pearl is acquired it should be preserved by chanting mantras to increase their auspicious quality.

Pearls found in Sea Shells are like hailstones and are about the size of region egg and glitter like gold.

Pearls found in Oyster are common and can be easily found by humans. They are found in Srilanka and  other ancient places like Aravata, Parashida, and Parpara. They can be found near the deepest part of the ocean. These pearls are extremely shinny and are superior to the pearls found near the seashore.

Pearls found in rukmani oysters are said to be of the highest quality. Its colour is bright red and is of the size of the pigeon egg. It is believed that the person who acquires this pearl will obtain luck and may even become King of a nation.

Pearls found in Simhala or Srilanka are smooth in texture and are while in colour.

Pearls found in Aravata are yellow.

Pearls found in Parashida are white and are translucent.

Pearls found in Parpara are green in colour and are rough in texture.


Defects in Pearl

There are four types of major defects and six types of minor defects in pearl.

  1. Pearls that are stuck in Oyster are said to cause psoriasis to the wearer.
  2. Pearls on which spots like fish eye are found are said to cause disasters to the wearer by their children.
  3. Pearl which lost its shine is said to bring bad luck.
  4. Multicolour pearls are extremely dangerous and are said to bring death to the wearer.
  5. Pearls on which rings/circle shapes are found are said to bring bad luck.
  6. Pearls that are not in proper shape are said to bring disgrace to the wearer.
  7. Pearls that are triangular will erode wearers’ wealth.
  8. Elongated pearls will defame the wearer.
  9. Pearls that are pointed at one end will make the wearer unemployed.
  10. Pearls on which ripples are formed are said to bring poverty.


Pearls in which glitter are called “Shudaram”.

Pearls which are free of defect and shinny are called “Nirmala”.

Pearls which are heavy, white like the moon and are without any defect are called “Snitham”.

These types of pearls will boost the health of the wearer and are believed to bring good fortune.


Colours and their quality

Pearls are usually found in four colours (Yellow, Amber, White, and Blue).

Yellow pearls are said to bring wealth.

Amber pearls are said to increase the mental strength and will power.

White pearls are said t give fame and

Blue pearls represent prosperity.

Pearls which are more than 10 gms are of auspicious quality and should not be worn instead they should be kept in a holy place and worshiped.

Pearls which are between 1 to 10 gms are said to be of the best quality.

Pearls between 0.5 to 1 gms are said to be of medium quality and

Pearls between 0.1 to 1 gms are of low quality.

This article just gave an overview of pearl, its origin, places where it found, characteristics, good and bad signs, and their quality.

I hope the article was useful and if you have any suggestions or topics which you like to see you can suggest the same in the comments section.


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