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Pradyot Kumar Bhattacharya

Pradyot Kumar Bhattacharya

Dear Friends,

Pradyot Kumar Bhattacharya (31 August 1905—22 November 1984) was once an engineer through occupation who used to be related with groups like Tata Iron and Steel Company and Damodar Valley Corporation. He visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram for the first time in 1933 and joined it as an inmate in March 1955. He used to be pretty instrumental in elevating cash for the Ashram. In 1972 he was once made a Trustee of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust via the Mother.

As the concluding instalment of our specific collection of tribute to the Mother, the textual content of 5 conversations which Pradyot Kumar Bhattacharya had with the Mother has been posted in the on-line discussion board of Overman Foundation alongside with an epistolary alternate between the Mother and him and a file of an incident recorded through him.

With heat regards,
Anurag Banerjee
Overman Foundation.

28 January 1964

Pradyot: I am going to Calcutta. There they will ask me one query related to the existing situation—communal riots. What is the solution?

Mother: The answer is, of course, the exchange of consciousness. I recognize these different human beings behaved badly, like animals—even animals are higher than human beings—but if humans in India additionally do the same, they are enjoying into the fingers of the forces that make human beings do evil and toughen the keep of these forces. Retaliation like this is no remedy.

Pradyot: People right here experience frustrated, they see no remedy, do now not understand which way to go, whom to seem up to. They are going the incorrect way, following the incorrect lead. Isn’t the division of us of an accountable for tons of these troubles?

Mother: Yes, division of religion, of country, of interest. If human beings felt like brothers, no longer brothers who quarrel, however aware of their frequent origin…

Pradyot: When are you coming upon the scene?

Mother: Don’t be below the phantasm that I am now not there. I am there, the force, the recognition is there, however, there is no receptivity. During the Chinese trouble, I was once in these locations at the front, concretely, however, I am sorry to say that the sole humans who had been receptive have been the Chinese. The impulsion to come ahead disappeared. That is receptivity. No one knew why they withdrew. On the Indian facet, a few have been touched and they instructed me of horrible conditions.

Since World War II, I have been retaining Kali quiet, however, she is restless. Times are critical, something may also happen. If humans will solely provide up their ego.

Pradyot: I shall advise an easier way, to flip to you.

Mother: Perhaps the time has come to inform others what I have informed you. You may also discuss if any event arises. Keep your trust and go like a warrior.

September 1964

Pradyot: The goal of the existing war with Pakistan is, I suppose, the give up of the division.

Mother: Yes, of course. It is properly understood.

But we have to be wide-visioned, large-hearted, generous. There needs to be no spirit of revenge. It will now not be the rule of the conqueror over the conquered; it will be the reconciliation of hostilities brothers.

The news comes from the occult—of turmoil. But there is Power at the back of it. It looks the Lord has taken charge.

Pradyot: It appears each person is towards us; for instance, England, America.

Mother: Yes, I have written in Prayers and Meditations that a day will come when the total world will upward push towards the Divine and oppose his work, and the Divine will take the entire world into Her arms.


Pradyot: In Bihar, though there has been raining owing to your intervention and inexperienced patches are visible, some locations are nonetheless barring any vegetation. There is a normal shortage of ingesting water.

Mother: Are there nevertheless difficulties? The rain was once no longer sufficient?

Pradyot: Perhaps now not adequate in these places. But are these difficulties necessary?

Mother: No! There are two motives for them. One is people’s inertia. They want blows to wake them up. The different is extra serious; it is a type of liking, a desire for dramas which invite the blows.

The sadhana is now going on in the cells. All difficulties will disappear however it will take time. I do no longer have lots of time to dedicate to this work, in any other case it should be accomplished quicker.


Pradyot: The Government and the people—the country—are dealing with super difficulties, social, economic, political and spiritual.

What is the solution?

Do we recognize what is to be done? Are the issues too massive for us? Have we the will to do our best? Beyond that, do we understand that a prayer from the coronary heart supplied in sincerity and belief is answered using the Divine? Do we be aware that the Divine is with us right here to inform us?

If we do, then all issues can be solved.

Mother: You have viewed something all through the drought. [1] I have viewed it many instances during, for instance, the Chinese invasion when we appeared to be unprepared and the Chinese withdrew, also in the course of the Pakistani hostilities closing yr when we should stand up to a great deal gold standard armament.

There is no motive to despair, what is quintessential is to be receptive.
Receptivity means, to offer
What we have
What we are
What we do
to the Divine

To the extent we are receptive, to that extent the problems, even the most challenging ones, can be solved.

26 April 1967

Pradyot: I am leaving for Calcutta and I desire to recognize what is the value of the figures 4-5-6-7 which are stated to symbolically characterize the descent or manifestation which will take area on May four If I am asked, I ought to be in a position to inform human beings about it.

Mother: You got here to me this morning—that is, in a dream—and requested me the which means of 4-5-6-7. You can inform them:
4. Manifestation
5. Power
6. New Creation
7. Realisation

This will preserve them quiet. I am now not certain that it did no longer occur on the twenty-fourth of April. The meditation on that day was once special in my life. The very cells of the physique had been conscious. After the meditation, I need to have saved sitting for a few minutes. But I bought up alternatively to attain the desk and I almost fell. Something used to be taking place from New Year’s day, very very concrete. twenty-fourth April would possibly be coaching for 4th May.

3 March 1970 (A Letter)

Pradyot: You have requested us to assist you. How can I assist you? What am I to do?

Mother: To listen and open to acquiring the New Progressive Consciousness, to acquire the new matters which are coming down.

Once chief of a political crew went on a sham hunger-strike on the pavement contrary the Ashram gate. It persevered for numerous days, and the Mother appears to have urged human beings that they want to pay no interest to him. One excellent morning, he used to be conspicuous with the aid of his absence. What had come about was once that the day earlier than this, Pradyot had long past to see the Mother and requested her, “Why don’t you quit this comedy?” She had replied, “The Divine by myself can do it.” Pradyot had retorted, “But are you no longer the Divine? Why do you confuse me?” She had smiled and said, “But I am telling you what humans say.” The subsequent day the Divine acted.

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