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Kittur Rani Chennamma-The first female independence activist of Bharat

Kittur Rani Chennamma Introduction of Rani Chennamma

Rani Chennamma was once the first female independence activist of Bharat. She stood tall on my own with a brilliant fiery eye in opposition to the British Empire. Rani Chennamma did now not be successful in using them away, however she did provoke many females to upward jostle in opposition to the British rule. She used to be Chennamma Queen of the princely country Kittur in Karnataka. Today she is nicely recognised as Kittur Rani Chennamma. Let us take a few steps again in records to understand extra about her.

Early Life

Rani Chennamma used to be born in Kakati (a small village in the north of Belgaum in Karnataka), in 1778 that is nearly fifty-six years formerly than Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi. From a very younger age, she obtained coaching in horse riding, sword battle and archery. She was once properly recognized for her courageous acts throughout her town.
Rani Chennamma used to be married to Mallasarja Desai, ruler of Kittur at the age of 15. Her married lifestyles appeared to be an unhappy story after her husband died in 1816. With this marriage she had solely one son, however, fate appeared to play a tragic recreation in her life. Her son breathed his final in 1824, leaving the lonely soul to combat in opposition to the British rule.

Queen Chennamma for the duration of the British rule

The Doctrine of Lapse used to be imposed on native states by using the British. Under this declaration, native rulers have been no longer allowed to undertake a toddler if they had no adolescents of their own. Their territory fashioned section of the British Empire automatically.
The nation of Kittur got here below the administration of Dharwad collectorate in charge of Mr Thackeray. Mr Chaplin was once the commissioner of the region. Both did no longer apprehend the new ruler and the regent, and knowledgeable that Kittur had to receive the British regime.

War towards the British

Rani Chennamma and the neighbourhood human beings hostile strongly British excessive handedness. Thackeray invaded Kittur. In the hostilities that ensued, thousands of British troopers had been killed alongside with Thackeray.
The humiliation of defeat at the palms of a small ruler was once too a good deal for the British to swallow. They delivered in higher armies from Mysore and Sholapur and surrounded Kittur.

Rani Chennamma tried her first-rate to keep away from war; she negotiated with Chaplin and Governor of Bombay Presidency underneath whose regime Kittur fell. It had no effect. Chennamma used to be compelled to declare war. For 12 days, the valiant Queen and her troopers defended their fort, however as is the frequent trait, traitors sneaked in and combined mud and dung in the gunpowder in the canons. The Rani was once defeated (1824 CE). She was once taken a prisoner and stored in the citadel of Bailhongal for life. She spent her days studying holy texts and performing pooja until her demise in 1829 CE.

Kittur Rani Chennamma may want to now not win the struggle towards British, however, she etched her presence for many centuries in the world of history. Along with Onake Obavva, Abbakka Rani and Keladi Chennamma, she is a great deal revered in Karnataka as an icon of bravery.

Rani Chennamma has grown to be a legend. During the freedom movement, her courageous resistance to British fashioned theme of plays, songs, and tune stories. Folk songs or lavanis have been a legion and freedom war acquired a correct enhance via singing bards who moved for the duration of the region.

It is heartening information that a statue of Kittur Chennamma used to be established in the Parliamentary Building premises at New Delhi on eleventh September 2007. It is the most becoming tribute to a courageous queen, who was once the earliest ruler in Bharat to battle the British rule.

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