After borrowing 20,000 rupees from the East India Company, Arcot Nawab passed over the proper of getting tax over the kings of Tamil Nadu to the East India Company and so the agency got here to the kingdom with their weapons and heaps of troopers to get returned their money. In the 12 months 1755, camped at Thenmalai, the British chieftain despatched a message to Poolithevan mentioning to pay the tax to the East India Company and failing to do so can provoke warfare by using the East India Company and to begin the combat via proving the Poolithevan’s bravery, he has to take the following matters from the camp of The East India Company located at Thenmalai in Nerkattan Sevvayal.

The private sword of Arcot Nawab.
The non-public horse of Arcot Nawab.
The conflict Drum of Arcot Nawab.

These want to be taken whilst hostilities with hundreds of troopers living in the camp.

As Poolithevan used to be definitely provoked and his chieftain took this as a challenge, the chieftain secretly galloped his horse to the camp and fought efficiently. Then he took the matters that was once stated in the message from The East India Company.

Then, Poolithevan was once glad that he won, and due to the fact of the combat that took place before, the camp misplaced its armouries and troopers and had left the location to keep away from in addition loss.

This made them advance a grudge towards the Poolithevan and his chieftain Ondiveeran. It resulted in the initiation of eleven wars successively. During one of the wars, the East India Company arrested Poolithevan from his castle located at Vasutheva Nallur. He was once beheaded. Then Ondiveeran was once enthroned as the king and fought towards them. He additionally took care of Poolithevan’s family. At last, Ondiveeran fought eleven exceptional wars towards the East India Company and exceeded away out of accidents at the battlefield however nonetheless lead his navy to victory.

He was once capable to penetrate into enemy’s citadel and made many heads rolling, and simply made them run for their life. He used to be a courageous warrior and an exquisite commander-in-chief. Historically, he is the first character to combat fighting towards the British empire in India in 1755, which in different words, he is the first freedom fighter of India.

A book was written by way of Poolithevan regarded as the “Poolithevan Sindu”, states that Ondiveeran used to be very courageous and an individual who is very down to the earth. Despite the reality that he fought towards the British empire bravely, he used to be by no means praised via the human beings of u. s. due to the fact of two essential factors:

Due to a lack of historic data about his private life.
Discrimination primarily based on caste by way of the people.
Ondiveeran belongs to the Arunthathiyar neighbourhood which now comes below scheduled caste in the existing day’s India.


He additionally has a title regarded as “Pagadai” which essentially interprets to “Dice” in English.

The title was once given to him due to the fact a die is thrown with an expectation in the idea of the doer and additionally the title bearer additionally despatched to the struggle to win the fighting representing the Empire he belongs to.

Today, a temple has been constructed in the region the place he had died and the human beings of that location preserve strict self-discipline inside the premises of the temple.

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