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Twin Avatar of Lord Vishnu (Nara-Narayan)


Nara and Narayana were twin brothers born to Bharma and his wife, Murti. They have two more sons Hari and Krishna. Nar and Narayan were interested in practising warfare.

They also started doing meditation continuously and wholeheartedly, which led an atmosphere of fear among gods in heaven, especially the king of Lord’s Indra Dev. He was under the impression the penance will give them blessings which will make them mightier than him. So he wanted to disrupt the penance. He sent Kamdev and Vasant in the form of beautiful women’s, so they both get distracted and get divorced from their meditation. But nor Kamdev or Vasant or any of the heavenly angels and apsaras could not divert their concentration. Instead, they all were mesmerised by their focus.

The war between Nara-Narayan & Prahalad

Nara and Naryanan became strong, invincible warriors. The war that happened between king Prahalad and Nar-Naryanan showcases their strength. King Prahalad father was king Hiranyakashyap, who was killed by Lord Narsimha an incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself.

Prahalad and Nar-Narayana argued for once capability. Respect cannot be earned by position but by once’s abilities. This conversation led to war. The war between Prahalad and Nar-Narayana took 1000 divine years to complete. Nar-Narayan defeated Prahalad after 1000 years. He wanted to know the reason for his defeat to which Lord Vishnu replied Nar and Narayan are invincible because they are none other than my incarnation. Lord Vishnu continued, Prahalad you have been one of my most prominent devotees. No one can win against me by power; it could be done only through devotion. And in this way, Prahalad was blessed by Nar and Narayan which was like winning a battle against them.

The Relationship between Nara-Narayana and Mahabharata

Demon Kings always wanted to rule all three worlds (Earth, Heaven and Hell). For which they wanted invincibility.
This story is of one such demon king Sahasrakavacha.

He took a penance to be blessed by Lord Surya Dev. Lord Surya Dev was pleased and offered a wish to Sahasrakavacha. He asked for immortality but was refused by Surya Dev. He altered his request and asked Surya Dev to protect him with 1000 armours. One needs to do penance for 1000 years and fight with him for 1000 years to remove one armour. And the person who removes his shield will die instantly once the armour is removed. This boon was as good as invincibility which Surya Dev couldn’t deny.

He started creating havoc and was under the impression if being lord himself. Sahasrakavacha reached Badrinath, a place near Himalaya where Nar – Naryana lived and started creating havoc. Nara who just completed penance for 1000 years, asked Sahasrakavacha to stop. Sahasrakavacha pride of his boon ignored Nara and asked to defeat him. Nara fought with him for 1000 years and pierced the first armour and was dead instantly as per the blessing. As soon as he was about to celebrate his victory, Nara became alive again. Narayan, who has mastered Mrita Sanjeevani Mantra brought Nara to life who went for meditation for 1000 years while Narayan was fighting against Sahasrakavacha. This act went on until 999 armours where destroyed. He started pleading Surya Dev for forgiveness and let him live. With only one armour left, his plea was heard.

All three of them were born again in next yug. Saharaskavacha was born as Karna and Nar – Narayan as Lord Krishna and Arjun. Arjun killed Karna in Mahabharata battle.

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